Pindaloo Tricks

You can check out our basic How to Begin videos, as well as some of our intermediate videos with fun tricks like Crossbow, Recall, and Undertake.

Are you getting pretty good and want to step your game up even further?
Check out some of our toughest tricks – like the Sidekick and the Turbo -- below in our tutorial videos!

Important beginners tip:
Practice where you have a soft surface beneath you. Grass or carpet can do the job perfectly, it will keep the falling ball close to you and you won't waste your energy chasing after it.


Now, after you learned how to loop, it's time to master it :)
Try our recommended tricks and use your creativity and imagination to find endless challenge possibilities... 


Beginner Tricks

Trick Name: Looooping
Pindaloo Trick - Looooping
Trick Name: Switch
Pindaloo Trick - Switch

Intermediate Tricks

Trick Name: Twirl
Pindaloo Trick - Twirl
Trick Name: Crossbow
Pindaloo Trick - Crossbow
Trick Name: Recall
Pindaloo Trick - Recall
Trick Name: Sidekick
Pindaloo Trick - Sidekick

Advanced Tricks

Trick Name: Undertake
Pindaloo Trick - Undertake
Trick Name: Brainer
Pindaloo Trick - Brainer
Trick Name: Saucer
Pindaloo Trick - Saucer
Trick Name: Hip Hop
Pindaloo Trick - Hip Hop
Trick Name: Foot Toss
Pindaloo Trick - Foot Toss
Trick Name: Turbo
Pindaloo Trick - Turbo