The Pindaloo Story - How did it all begin?

Who is behind pindaloo amazing idea?
Pindaloo™ was created by Amir Zobel and Matan Shamir or in short - ZoSh, both are industrial designers, graduates and Masters of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and graduates of the Keter Plastic's "d-Vision" internship program.
Both experienced designers with deep understanding and knowledge in the plastic industry and in consumer goods.
They also share a passion for entrepreneurship and toys, and take full responsibility as designers to bring products with real value to the world.

Pindaloo story


How did it all begin?
Pindaloo was born on March 2012 during Master's degree final project study, in which they researched ways to get children off smartphones and digital screens and have fun in the physical world.
One of research tactics was to identify interesting and basic play mechanisms which might be a good starting point for a development process through ongoing feedback from children.
In order to find those mechanisms they collected a lot of garbage and useless stuff, piled it on desk and began connecting parts together, hoping that something exciting would emerge from the mess.
One of the combinations they made included two-halves of plastic bottles, one electrical conduit and a small marble that was thrown inside.

After playing with it for a while they came to realize that with the right manipulation, the marble can be projected from one end of the conduit and be caught in the other end using the half bottle.

Pindaloo start

In that exciting moment they felt a bit like Archimedes: “we had found what we were looking for”, but had no idea where that discovery might lead in the future.

After collecting some more mechanisms and generating different prototypes they introduced the idea to children, observed them playing and asked for their opinion.

Here's a short clip of Ziv, an 8 years old (back then), making her first catch with our first prototype -

Ziv was so enthusiastic and excited about this prototype that she asked for permission to take it home with her, saying she could play with it for days!!! That was the final stamp to understand they had something worth diving into.
However, it took additional 2 years - after they finished university and design studies, went in different directions - something pushed them back to prototype and they decided to begin a real product development process for mass production including finding the right partners for marketing and worldwide distribution.
Along with that process, almost everything has completely changed but one thing remained: the action principle which made that marble loop for the first time above the pile of useless stuff.
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