Pindaloo: The Ultimate Skill Toy

Do you often find yourself searching endlessly for the perfect toy for your child or grandchild? Do you feel stuck on an endless hunt to find a game that suitable for a child? One that provides the perfect mix of enjoyment, entertainment, skill, and education? Consider your hunt officially over.

Meet, The Pindaloo -- the latest, unique design-patented skill toy that combines all the elements of the ultimate skill toy. A member to an exclusive family of well-designed and famous toys – like the yo-yo, the devil-sticks, the Japanese kendama, astrojax, and the diablo – the Pindaloo is a combination skill toy that mixes together basic components with a simple action principle, creating endless possibilities for play, entertainment, and fun tricks.

The Pindaloo isn’t for any one particular person either. From novice to expert, from young to old, the Pindaloo is the ultimate toy for anyone looking to increase their skills, learn new tricks, and play a fun, entertaining game!

So, what makes the Pindaloo such an awesome toy? We’d love to tell you all about it! Read a bit below for a few of the reasons we think the Pindaloo is the best skill-toy on the market.


The Pindaloo is For Everyone, Everywhere, Anytime

Like we said before, the Pindaloo is a fun skill toy that can provide endless hours of entertainment for anyone. While we think it’s best suited for children above the age of 9 – and beyond – we think the Pindaloo is super versatile and doesn’t age discriminate. While we certainly don’t think that children under nine couldn’t use the Pindaloo correctly – in fact, we’ve seen some talented 7 and 8-year-olds managing to loop the ball through the Pindaloo in no time – we found that, in most cases, children under 9 lack the motor abilities to fully appreciate and enjoy the Pindaloo.

No matter how old you are, what your skill level is, or whether you’ve ever touched a skill-toy or similar game, the Pindaloo is for you! The Pindaloo skill-toy isn’t gender specific, body-type specific, and doesn’t require any amount of skill. Virtually anyone can pick up a Pindaloo, and with enough work and dedication, they can master the skill-toy!

What else is awesome about the Pindaloo? It’s versatile. Indoors? Outdoors? It doesn’t matter. You can play with this fun, skill-based toy anywhere and at any time. Not only that, but anyone can get good at this game. If you have the time, determination, and willingness to practice, you can become an expert in no time! You can even play the Pindaloo with two people. Though it was designed just for one player, it’s possible to play with two, three, four, or more! It’s simple – instead of looping the ball back through your own Pindaloo tube, you can launch the ball into someone else’s tube. The versatility is never ending!

What we appreciate most about the Pindaloo is that it’s for everyone. No matter your age, gender, or athletic ability, a little time with the Pindaloo and you’ll be professional!


The Pindaloo Can Help You Improve a lot of Different Skills

The Pindaloo is more than just a toy that provides you with endless amounts of fun and entertainment – though, it definitely can give you that – it’s also a skill-based game that’s sole purpose is to help you improve tons of different areas.

Essentially, the Pindaloo is a skill toy that’s main focus is to keep you fit and to sharpen all your skill sets. If you’re looking to train your hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and cognitive skills, then the Pindaloo is the perfect pick!  We’ve found that people who have or typically practice juggling techniques can pick up the Pindaloo in a jiffy! However, those who don’t usually train their eye-hand coordination may find it a bit more difficult. The good news? It probably won’t take you more than 15-20 minutes to get the hang of it, though. Practice definitely makes perfect with the Pindaloo, and the more you bust it out and get to work, the better you’ll be!

The Pindaloo has hundreds of interesting benefits that can help you improve unique skill sets. With Pindaloo, you can sharpen your focus and concentration, relieve stress, increase your range of motion in both your arms and shoulders and certainly improve your coordination. What’s best about the Pindaloo? You get a fun workout without even realizing that you’re exercising!


What Else is Awesome about the Pindaloo?

We know, we’ve listed a ton of remarkable things about Pindaloo. You’re probably thinking, “there can’t possibly be any more benefits of the Pindaloo.” Think again! The Pindaloo has dozens of more awesome features and benefits, and we don’t want you to finish this article without hearing all about them.

The Pindaloo is environmentally friendly. In fact, it’s 100 percent recyclable. It’s designed to last for many years of play and lots of accidental crashes and bruises, but if the Pindaloo does end up breaking (pretty unlikely), it’s made out of 100 percent recyclable material and can be tossed right into any plastic recycle bin as is.

It’s socially responsible, too. While we certainly receive some of the profits of the Pindaloo, we also donate 10 percent of all of our total Pindaloo profits to charity – guaranteed. It also makes you part of a larger, unique community. You can contribute to the community by inventing new tricks, breaking and setting new records, and introducing it to your friends! You can even be awarded prizes for your accomplishments.


The Pindaloo – Your New, Favorite Skill-Toy

When it comes to fun, the Pindaloo is all over it, but it also doesn’t skimp out on the added benefits. If you’re looking for a great toy that will provide you, your children, your grandchildren, or whoever, with endless entertainment as well as the opportunity to strengthen their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and more, then the Pindaloo is certainly the right pick for you! Don’t miss out on this awesome, unique skill-toy!

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